Causes irritation and Eye Allergies

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Causes irritation and Eye AllergiesIn general, most of all people experience eye pain , eye pain because a disruption of the function of the eye to see which is characterized by a variety of things one of which is the appearance of a reddish color .

Eye pain is a disease that can not be avoided , it is because of the irritation and allergies are caused by interference from outside and inside . Therefore , knowing the cause eye irritation and allergies is the first step to " prevention is better than cure " as vigilance and preventive measures so that you do not experience eye irritation and allergy disorders . the following : Causes irritation and Eye Allergies

1 . dust
Dust is really disturbing if in contact with the eyes , not just the pain inflicted , but the disruption will be experienced eye irritation if exposed to dust . Therefore , use a covered helmet , goggles or other protective gear if you want to travel frequently to prevent the entry of dust into the eyes .

2 . Light Computers / Laptops
In this era of advanced technology currently requires every person using computer technology / laptop as a media device or to seek a variety of information , in addition to the computer / laptop also serves as a tool to support all activities in both the office affairs , education , finance and others .

Light computer / laptop that bounces on the eye gives a significant negative impact , and therefore to prevent eye irritation should not you keep at least as early as possible to reduce or give distance when dealing with computers .

3 . radiation television
Turns Radiation television also has significant impact on our eyes , light color changing cause interference with the eye condition should strive to maximize the view when we focus watching television , you can do to prevent it by setting the standard contras and set a minimum distance of 2 meters of television .

4 . Allergies cause the air
The air is air that is contaminated with other objects such as smoke , dust or chemicals are wasted through the air . Therefore , try to use eye protection as in point 2 .

5 . Cosmetics ( eye makeup )
For friends one woman , for the sake of beautifying the appearance of not less common than those that use a variety of materials including makeup beauty in the eye . But keep in mind , if there is no awareness in choosing the right cosmetic product , then instead of maximum beauty to be found , but the negative effects that can cause eye allergy , therefore be careful in selecting beauty products including eye makeup .

6 . Chemical Substances
The materials are derived from chemicals can cause irritation of the eyes , of course, these materials are not foreign to the life around us like smoke mosquito coil , bleach detergent , liquid containing gas and other . Therefore , do as much protection as possible to prevent irritation to your eye disorder .

7 . Cigarette smoke
Well , here it is the last ... the smoke . I only give advice to smokers to pay attention to the people around him to keep and eye disorders touched prevent cigarette smoke , smoke because the name is , of course, will make the shock that occurs when exposed to sensitive eyes .

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