Game Cheat Codes Warcraft (Reign of Chaos)

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Warcraft is the best game of his day and to this day there are still a lot of fans . It can be played offline , it turns out Game Warcraft you can also play online . Excess Warcraft is not only evidenced by the features and various types of units in the game , but this one is a strategy game can also be modified itself by creating a different look . In addition , the Warcraft game also provides some keys to allow you to play , one of which is a facility Cheat . the following :  Game Cheat Codes Warcraft ( Reign of Chaos )
Game Cheat Codes Warcraft (Reign of Chaos)
  • whosyourdaddy : Full Strength and can instantly kill the opponent once slash .
  • greedisgood [space ] number : made ​​of wood and gold points as desired .
  • Iseedeadpeople : Creating the entire map light and dark become visible .
  • thereisnospoon : Making Mana ( special powers ) indefinitely 
  • whoisjohngalt : Accelerate research / research .
  • allyourbasearebelongtous : Creating straight game wins 
  • Pointbreak : Disable the food and unit boundaries .
  • warpten : Accelerate construction of buildings and units and sharpandshiny : Raise / upgrade on one level 
  • strengthandhonor : Can not invincible 
  • iocainepowder : Accelerating own death .

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