Medicinal Natural Ingredients Burn Light

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Medicinal Natural Ingredients Burn Light
Burns are injuries that occur as a result of the burning of the skin or around the body are affected, severe burns and serious enough to be fatal if not as fast as it might not be anticipated , and if that happens you should hurry to the hospital for intensive care . However , if you are experiencing burns still relatively mild , the treatment is quite simple to do that is with some natural ingredients that exist around us . the following : Medicinal Natural Ingredients Burn Light

1 . kerosene
Kerosene is believed to heal burns , it is proved that the kerosene serves to inhibit the process of inflation of the affected skin burns . The conclusion is that the kerosene will help the healing in burns to the skin inhibits heat-induced swelling of the burn .

2 . honey
Honey has antiseptic substances that serve to drugs and treating minor burns that you experienced . The way to use it is enough to smear honey around the affected minor burns on the skin .

3 . aloe vera
Aloe vera is a natural substance that has been proven to relieve minor burns . Aloe vera not only provides a cooling effect , but also able to speed up the recovery process in injured skin . To use it simply by cutting out the center of the aloe vera and then rub it on the affected skin that burns .

4 . vinegar
Vinegar is commonly used in treating minor burns . The trick is quite simple as pouring vinegar on a cloth , and then compress on the affected side burns . Perform continue when the pain increased with the use of vinegar is still fresh .

5 . banana skin
It turns out that banana peel is also beneficial in the treatment of minor burns , its main function is to relieve pain caused by a burning sensation on the skin . Experts advise to use the banana peel to put on the injured skin .

6 . lavender oil
Lavender oil is used to relieve the pain caused by minor burns . Campurkanlah lavender oil and aloe vera and apply to the burn . Do this until the pain decreases .

7 . Olive Oil
In addition to lavender oil , olive oil is also believed to relieve the pain of burns and help accelerate the healing in burns .

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