Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Yellow and Black perforated

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Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Yellow and Black perforated
White teeth not only affect the appearance when smiling , but white teeth is one of the evidence that dental health is maintained. But what if your teeth yellow and even black holes, of course you do not want not ! .

Therefore , for those of you who have yellow teeth even until blackened , prevented as early as possible before your teeth yellow , black and hollow if allowed to drag on . To prevent dental cavities yellow black even you need to do some steps or way below , the following :  Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Yellow and Black perforated

1 . Do not be too frequent consumption of foods and beverages colored
Avoid as much as possible to consume large amounts of food and beverage color , if not avoided it as early as possible will cause stains on teeth living that can lead to your teeth yellowed and blackened .

2 . Expand Food Fibrous
Resulting in yellowing of teeth stains due to the stains left on the layer of plaque or tarter , then the fiber foods will help to get rid of a layer of dirt that live on the teeth .

3 . Regular Toothbrush
Brush your teeth regularly at least 2x a day between morning and evening before bed . But the most important thing is to brush your teeth when going to sleep the night , why is that ? when we sleep , the body's activity weakens and decreased level of consciousness . If the teeth are not cleaned first , then the bacteria of the remnants of the food will be easier to react and freely destroy our teeth .

4 . Brush teeth properly
Brush your teeth properly , the correct way of brushing teeth instead of right to left , but down from the top up or down . Brushing your teeth properly intended that the dirt sticks to the sidelines of the teeth can be wasted .

5 . Avoid smoking or reduce
Cigarette smoke was very potent left traces that can stain teeth yellowing , blackening even damage it . Therefore , if you are a heavy smoker and hard to leave it , at least you were able to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day or if you can simply say Goodbye to Smoking Cigarettes

6 . Brush teeth with charcoal Pinang
Turns advice grandma / grandpa antiquity scientifically proven that the nut that burned able to clean the plaque on the teeth even able to eliminate the bacteria on our teeth . This method is quite simple really , you just burn the old nut , then grind and after that the nut charcoal rub on your teeth .

7 . Betel leaf consumption
Betel leaves not only serve to strengthen your teeth , but the betel leaf is believed to make yellow teeth white and even black can be returned . Consumption of betel leaf can be made by boiling the leaves and then rinse his mouth or chew directly . Do this at least once a week on a regular basis 1 .

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