Never Say Die

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Deserve whether you complain? Though you have been blessed with a pair of strong arms to change the world. Eligible your bitching? Though you have been awarded the intelligence that allows you to fix everything. Think before complaining, before complaining how hard it is to make a stressful job, think about the unemployed who do not have work and really want to work like you.

Before complaining about earning less think about people who are forced to beg on a side street by a bite of rice. Before complaining, how small and uncomfortable her house we consider how many people who have no shelter even. Before complaining, how busy taking care of children, think about how many families who so wish endowed children.

Before complaining, how many problems in the family think about how many people who are not married or have no family anymore. Before you complain about the quarrel in the family / with your partner, think about how hard anyone find her life partner or spouse has no longer. Before you say that is not good in others, think about how there are people who can not speak (mute). Prior to accuse and vilify other people think about how no one is living without any fault of our own and was not perfect anyway
Never Say Die
Before complaining why this self cantikatau not looking like a celebrity, think of how many people are born deformed or abnormal. Before complaining how other people more happy and fortunate than us, think about how many of them actually have the pleasure of which has been given to our health, leisure and life, is a gift that is often overlooked:

Before complaining about something actually think about how you've got also another of his precious things, and how many other people are not as fortunate as we are, in certain respects. Enforce the shoulder. Do not let the spirit go away just because you do not know the answer to your problems. Do not let fatigue thrust your advantage. Take a deep breath. And began to take a new step. Indeed, there are people who have more right to complain than you. Unfortunately they were hoarse voice inaudible, because they no longer had time to complain. Success Without Honor Like a Cuisine Without Spices, Satisfy Hunger But It's Not Delicious. - Joe Paterno

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