Reaching Luck

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Almost all of us must know the character Lucky in Donald Duck comics . Contrary to Donald who is always unlucky . The good thing is narrated profit continues . There was only luck that always approached the duck figures in America Gladstone 's original name . How sweet life of the Lucky. Slacker , never worked , but it is always more profitable than Donald . If Lucky and Donald walked along , suddenly finding a coin on the street , it must be the good thing . If you also want to be lucky like the good thing , dont worry , it was fortunate that there was knowledge .

Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK , try researching the things that distinguish those lucky people with the bad luck. Wiseman recruited a group of people who feel life is always profitable , and a bunch of others whose lives are always unlucky . Indeed, his impression like messing around , how luck can be investigated . But apparently people are fortunate indeed act differently with their shit . In short , from this research that claims to be scientific , Wiseman found 4 factors that distinguish those who are lucky from the unlucky :
Reaching Luck
1 . Attitudes Toward Opportunity
Lucky guy was indeed more open to opportunities . They are more sensitive to the presence of opportunity , good at creating opportunities , and act when opportunity comes . How is this possible ? It turned out that the people who are lucky to have a more relaxed attitude and open to new experiences early experiences . They are more open to interaction with the new people , and creating new social networks . Unfortunate man more tense so closed to new possibilities .

2 . Uses Intuition in Decision Making
The lucky guy was more intuition than logic . Important decisions are made ​​by the fortunate turns largely on the basis of conscience whisper ( intuition ) rather than the result of the number-crunching sophisticated . The figures will be helpful , but the final decision is generally of " gut feeling" . Which may be difficult for people who are unlucky , the whisper of conscience was going to be difficult to hear if our brain giddy with endless reasoning . So lucky people generally have a method to sharpen their intuition , for example through regular meditation . In a calm mental state , and a clear mind , intuition will be more accessible . And the more frequently used , our intuition will also be more sharply .

3 . Kindness Will Always Wish Come
The lucky person Always assume good faith that goodness will come to him . With such a mental attitude , they are more resistant to override their exams , and will be more positive in their interaction with others . Let's say you do the test yourself in a simple , ask successful people you know , how the future business prospects . Surely they will tell optimism and hope.

4 . Changing Things Poor Being Good
Lucky people are very good at the face of a bad situation and turn it into good. For them every situation there is always a bright side . In one of his tests Prof. Wiseman asked participants to imagine was going to the bank and the bank suddenly invaded by armed robbers . And participants were asked to express their reactions . The reaction of the unlucky group generally are : Ko wah unlucky in tengah2 robbery so . While the reaction of luck, for example, is : fortunately I was there , I could write my thoughts to the media and get money . Whatever the situation lucky man continues to profit substantially .

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