Benefits of Guest Blogging on Blog

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Benefits of Guest Blogging on Blog is a significant step to do , it is because the Guest Blogger is one place for sharing stories or blog with your guests . Guest Blogger is providing tesmonial Yag space for guests or the guest authors who wish to contribute articles , provide advice and critique or just friendship alone .

One of the benefits of a Guest Blogger This is when your blog traffic is booming so the blog comments are no longer enough to be used , like a forum on the blog , Guest Blogger also works closely with the forum , the only difference is the capacity of its own if you are given a forum facility blog .

Guest Blogger is also one of those places that provide opportunities for guests to get a reward if donating some or opinion articles , but it depends on the owner of the blog , if the blog owner to give gifts or anything else. So what are the Benefits of Guest Blogger on Blog , the following explanation
Guest Blogger
1. friendship Establishing
Provide facilities Guest Blogger / Guest Book means you have to provide a place for fellow bersilaturahim to your guest or guests , a friendship certainly has no boundaries and distances , then the presence of Guest Blogger this necessarily provide a separate space for salaing close and meet fellow bloggers or others .

2 . Suggestions
With this facility, Guest Blogger then you will quickly know what are the suggestions and criticisms were poured on a blog or an article without having to open the comments field one by one . That way you will be easy to fix and answer questions related to the criticisms and suggestions .

3. Aid Unexpected
Help make of your article without writing can be obtained if there is a blogger friend who donated his article to you , whether sincere or rewarded according to the agreement you made .

4 . Friendship from all walks of life and regions
This facility will allow you to get to know each other , we would not expect to get acquainted with new friends who are not from the area and a profession . Obviously getting a new friend is happiness itself if it occurs .

5 . Benefits for writers ( famous )
For the writer on the blog which provides facilities Guest Blogger is that you will be famous and also your blog . This is due to the link and the URL that leads to your blog , so if anyone is interested in your article he would have been , then the traffic that you will get a first visit or so

6 . Benefits for writers ( free backlink )
In Guest Blogger facility also provides backlinknya social closeness , and therefore each time you write something in the guest book , do not forget to include a link and the url of your blog , because if you do not then you lose the backlinks for free.

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