Causes Abdominal Pain After Eating

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Sometimes a lot and always some people never experience pain or abdominal pain after eating . Perform a precaution by eating regularly and eating properly and not excessive and can help prevent abdominal pain arising . Abdominal pain occurs after eating is a common condition that occurs in many people . The condition is characterized by severe pain or mild on the left or right side of the abdomen .

Onset of abdominal pain after eating caused by consuming products or types of food that the body can not be accepted by default . It can also be influenced by dietary factors that cause allergies and also the capacity of binge eating . Pain will not spontaneously felt , the pain will arise duration can vary between 5-10 minutes even up to many hours of new pain arises . Hence, appropriate measures need to overcome and avoid the onset of pain in your stomach after eating , to know :

1 . Capacity is not normal in Liquids
Most people , in general almost always consume liquids such as water , soft drinks or fruit juice in a capacity that is not normal after she eats . Capacity is not normal or drink in the many levels will lead to a solution of acid in the stomach to make the food can not be digested Maximum and perfect .

2 . Micro organisms
Onset of abdominal pain or bloating after eating may occur due to chemical reactions in the body fluids and a range of micro- organisms present in the food . Body as much as possible to dispose of harmful bacteria to avoid infection . That is why one of the causes why a person experiences occasional vomiting after eating which can be characterized by nausea. That is why as much as possible to avoid consuming foods that can trigger the process of micro- organisms by observing the levels of toxins found in any food .

3 . Gallstones
Effort and effort so that you do not suffer from gallstone disease , because if you people with gallstones then you will experience pain in the abdomen once your back pain after eating , it is because of the flow of bile in the bile duct will be obstructed , causing excruciating pain .

4 . Pancreatitis
The pain is felt in the abdomen or in the area around the upper stomach around 8-12 hours after eating can be caused due to pancreatitis . There are some cases when the pain that goes with diaknosis could occur due to acute gastric symptoms , pelvic inflammatory disease , diabetes and even food poisoning .

5 . Bowel obstruction , Parasite Invasion and Acid Reflux
For some study , sometimes in some people can cause intestinal obstruction in the stomach cramps after eating . This condition is characterized by vomiting , watery stools and others. For the case of Parasite Invasion Abdominal Pain occurs because parasites tend to stay around the stomach and this is one of the favorite residence . This of course can lead to various gastrointestinal disorders including abdominal pain . Acid reflux symptoms evidenced by the increase in gastric juices back into the esophagus . this will lead to abdominal pain and may trigger other symptoms such as difficulty swallowing , vomiting , nausea , and others .

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