How to Tighten Loose Skin on the Eyelids

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In general usually have sagging eyelids are considered normal, but abnormalities in the eye can actually interfere with your appearance, especially for women. Besides seem older than his age, sagging eyelids can make reduced confidence, especially when interacting with others.

Various ways people do in order for their eyelids tight and looks normal , these methods such as medication and surgery to use a special cream. However, this means of course is not entirely successful , sometimes they complain because of adverse events arising from the use of medical devices and drugs. If it does not become your own fear, indecisive and others, then you can follow the tips naturally I will explain about the following :
How to Tighten Loose Skin on the Eyelids
1 . Uses of Honey
Surely all know that honey has a remarkable efficacy , many ways that you can do with the use of honey as a main ingredient , one of which is to tighten sagging eyelids . To use it , you can perform the following steps :
  • Apply honey around the eyelids
  • Let stand about 10 minutes
  • Rinse with cold water ( ice )
If you want to minimize wrinkles and tightens the face, especially around the eyes, you can mix honey with egg white plus lemon juice, if you want to eliminate wrinkles around the face, simply mix one tablespoon of honey with ginger slices and rub the area you specify.

2 . Olive Oil
The second way to tighten sagging eyelids is to use olive oil . Its use is by mixing olive oil , cream , and honey each 2 tablespoons, then add a little water, the next step is to apply the mixture on the area of ​​the eye, dry in 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

3 . Masque Potatoes and jicama
Tips to Tighten Sagging Eyelid the next is to use a potato and jicama. Natural ingredients are not only able to whiten and soften the face, but the potato and yam are also able to tighten your sagging eyelids . How to use you can do this through the following stages:
  • First clean the potato or jicama
  • Sliced ​​or mashed potato or jicama
  • Apply on eye area or areas sagging eyelids
  • Let stand for about 15 minutes
  • Rinse with clean water
4 . Masks Tomatoes
Tomato is a natural substance that contains vitamin C , the compound serves to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells . Thus, the benefits of tomatoes is helpful for skin tightening, including tightening sagging eyelids. Usage and its use is very simple, just a thin slice of tomato and place the tomatoes on top of the eye until the water contained in the tomato dries .

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