Kidney Cancer Recurrence

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Kidney cancer recurrence is an unfortunate condition wherein a patient previously treated for kidney cancer shows signs of redevelopment of tumor-cells in kidney or other regions of body. Recurrence can be both primary and secondary and depends mainly upon prime kidney cancer causes leading to regeneration of tumor-growth. Recurrence of kidney cancer needs to be tackled on urgent basis in order to avoid permanent loss to kidney or other areas that may come within the scope of infection.

Kidney Cancer Recurrence – Meaning and Pattern
Kidney cancer occurs usually more in males than females and is more prevalent in black race as compared to white one. It is quite difficult to undergo kidney cancer treatment in advanced kidney cancer stages as majority of vital tissues are already damaged and pace of re-growth of new tissues and cells is quite unpredictable. Also, the chances of eliminating or removing infected polyps is not feasible in these stages. Usually, the treatments undergone at this stage serves the purpose of only avoiding further infection and killing infected cells. Such killing also affects a few live tissues and cells and makes a person susceptible to serious cancerous infections in future.

Recurrence of kidney cancer is a condition in which the normal cells show tendency to behave abnormally. Such abnormal behavior also affects functioning of tissues present in the area and prevents generation and supply of necessary resources to kidney and other portion of the body. There can be various reasons for recurrence but, weak immune system and improper post-cure care are the basic conditions instigating cells to behave abnormally. Kidney cancer causes are almost similar for recurrence and first time occurrence of the disorder.

Kidney cancer is mostly of the form of renal cell carcinoma. Smoking is an important cause of the disorder. People with HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection and habits like chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol can also lead to recurrence of kidney cancer. Inefficient treatments in the past or undergoing stern kidney cancer therapies like radiotherapy, cryosurgery, or chemotherapy can cause severe ill-effects and create conditions for cancerous cells to grow freely and rapidly.

Family history of cancerous disease also plays an important role in recurrent growth of kidney cancer. Those who have been cured for kidney or other cancerous diseases in the past should undergo routine medical examinations as chances of cancerous growth are quite high in such people. Frequent kidney infections, kidney injuries, or other forms of non-cancerous kidney disorders can pave way for recurrent tumors if not cured well and in time. People who have been undergoing dialysis on a regular basis should be very careful about kidney functioning as too frequent dialysis is one of the main causes of kidney cancer recurrence.

Kidney cancer symptoms are the main indicators of recurrence of the disorder. Swelling in kidney, complications in urination (usually irregular urination), abdominal pains, sudden loss of appetite and weight, swelling near testicular region, and regular pains near kidney areas (usually due to formation of polyps) are some of the early signs to look for recurrent growth of cancerous tumors.

Kidney cancer diagnosis for recurrent phase can be done using a variety of methods like abdominal scan, abdominal biopsy, kidney function examination, liver function test, full body biopsy, ultrasound of kidney or abdomen, renal arteriography, and intravenous pyelogram.

Kidney cancer recurrence should be treated urgently in order to avoid progress of tumors into late stages. This also ensures good kidney cancer survival rate for the victim and prevents damage to other areas of body.

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