How to Cope Lonely Visitor Blog

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Visitors are declining due to multiple factors, then it will certainly influence the nilah traffic, PageRank, Alexa rank, income and so forth. Of course you and I would not want it to happen, "prevention is better than cure or willing umbrella before it rains" is a maxim that is appropriate and effective if it is associated with the blog visitors quiet. Many ways and steps you can take to keep your blog traffic is not always stable, especially the drastic decline in traffic. Therefore, I will explain about the following:

How to Cope Lonely Visitor Blog
1. Fishing rod with Blogwalking
You can implement this, because by extending blogwalking the opportunity to obtain the reverse could happen and it would increase traffic and maintain a blog that is in decline.

2. Postings Make the Fresh and needed
Make a fresh posting and many visitors sought, then share your post to social media, online forums and other places that share.

3. Optimization Seo On Page
On page seo here specifically provide internal links to articles that had long been posted, this is an old article serves to be known visitors, either already read or have not known them.

4. Regularly update
Regular updates will certainly give significant influence to maintain blog traffic, in addition to visitors who like the new article, in terms of search engines is also very effective in order to maintain a blog for the ever-increasing traffic and stable.

Similarly, information relating to How to Cope Lonely Visitor Blog, hopefully the way I described can help you who is experiencing a decline in visitors or empty. Thank you ^ - ^

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