Natural Ways to Decrease the Pores

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The face looks dull can occur due to several factors that cause it, one of them because the pores are enlarged. Pores are enlarged from its normal size will cause an unnatural activity, this activity would lead to a negative impact on your face.

Pores are particularly prone to the arrival of all forms of germs and bacteria that come through the air, dust and other things, therefore we must maintain and prevent the occurrence of such things and one way is to shrink the pores on the face. How? The following will explain how Natural Ways to Decrease the pores.
the pores
1. Clean regularly face
Do it regularly and every day to clean your face with clean water and soap facial cleanser. Clean your face with a regular role in maintaining and preventing accumulation of germs and bacteria that enter through the pores. In addition, the pores will continue to evolve and enlarged if the bacteria and germs keep piling up, then from that by doing regular facial cleansing will help and normalize the size of the pores of your face.

2. Clean with Ice Cubes
Treatment with ice cubes you can use easily, the way just by wrapping ice cubes with a cotton cloth, then rub an ice cube that has been wrapped before slowly on your face. Use of this ice also serves to maintain the production of oil glands in the face to remain normal. Perform this activity on a regular basis in the morning.

3. Uses of Honey
Honey is recognized as a remedy for a thousand diseases, almost all diseases can be treated with honey included to shrink the pores on the face. How do you do is quite simple: by applying honey on the face on a regular basis, you can also make honey instead of masks.

4. Uses Tomatoes
Tomato juice is best used as a face mask and serves to help shrink pores. Use tomato juice as a mask by rubbing evenly on your face and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and do this treatment at least 3 times a week.

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