Natural Ways to Keep Cholesterol Remain Stable

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Cholesterol is a body fat (lipid) which has numerous functions in the human body, but if the cholesterol level reaches its limit point, then is not the health that we can, but otherwise we will get the disease. Read Natural Ways to Overcome Hypertension with Carrot

Cholesterol is still in the normal phase structure function as a constituent of cell membranes, protect the skin from toxins and drought problems that occur in the body and serves as a shaper of vitamin D (with UV light).

Function for the health of the body will work well if the cholesterol levels are still within normal circumstances, if excessive cholesterol in the body, this is what can cause the arrival of various diseases such as kidney failure, erectile, heart and others. Therefore, to prevent as well as keeping cholesterol levels are not excessive, please follow the tips that I will explain about:

Natural Ways to Keep Cholesterol Remain Stable
1. Tomatoes
Tomato kada serves to lower the bad cholesterol in the body, you can use the tomatoes as well lahapan daily by eating it directly, as well makes a tomato as a favorite juice.

2. Avocado
Avocado is a fruit that serves to increase cholesterol levels in the body, you know really improve, what danger ndak tu? Eiitss, stump first, the cholesterol in the human body there are two, the bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL). If the good cholesterol increased, of cholesterol and evil will be defeated and brought the white flag of surrender. ^ _ ^

3. Pomegranate
Pomegranate turned out very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body, the great benefits of pomegranates is reducing cholesterol and plaque buildup can increase the production of nitric oxide which helps to reduce plaque in alteri.

4. Garlic
Ehhhh, it turns out garlic can lower cholesterol levels significantly higher know!, Although a bit smelly and pungent, but there is no harm to your health to consume at least 1 clove every day.

5. Pulses
Foods derived from nuts such as peanuts, green beans, walnuts and almonds serve to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body, it is because nuts contain omega-3 fats and antioxidants can inhibit cholesterol evolving work.

Similarly, information about Natural Ways to Keep Cholesterol Remain Stable, hopefully this article useful for us all. Thank you ^ - ^

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