How to Overcome Disease Ringworm Naturally

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Ringworm is a common skin diseases occur every one, especially in areas with high humidity temperature. Although ringworm is not included on the dangerous disease, but if it recurred, aduhhh! beyond the pleasure perish if scratched, finished it then you feel the side effects complained of a sense penih earlier due to scratching.

According to medical science, scabies occur due to fungal infection of the skin or called dermatophytesdapa that infect humans and animals. Ringworm can be transmitted through clothing, towels, soap and a pair of people with ringworm, but it turns out ringworm can also be transmitted through pets like cats and dogs.

A. Characteristics and Symptoms of Ringworm 
Diseases of the skin which can be characterized by skin that forms tiny dots, embossed with a pink color and often form a circle.

The symptoms are itching with varying levels, ranging from ordinary hives, itching moderate to countless sufferers who require in order to enjoy scratching an itch scratching until it disappeared (wawwww). Itching usually arise due to the hot temperature humidity that accompanied the wet effect on body areas covered (usually the groin, anus and other areas).
B. How to avoid Ringworm
Avoiding the arrival of invited guests do not necessarily have to do this, because if he had come then you really do have to surrender. How the heck do I prevent ringworm disease, the following explanation:

1 Clean, healthy and fragrant 
Well, .. clean culture not only be recommended by the religion of Islam, but it turns out the cleanliness of the health side is the base health. While the name ringworm happy with the dirty-dirty, filthy and smelly, and therefore maximize your whole body to always be clean, both in terms of food, clothing or a place.

2 Clothes dry and clean 
Use clothes dry and clean, do not, because the moisture in the clothes that you can use to invite arrival of the fungus that causes itching or alrge on the body and can be an advanced ringworm. Replace your clothes once a day at least 1, but special underwear if you can try to replace it 3 times a day (minimum).

C. The natural way to treat the disease Ringworm 
You can treat ringworm using the drug in the form of pills or a special ointment for ringworm, ringworm and tinea versicolor. However, if you choose the natural way, here I will explain in detail.

1 Using Galangal 
Galangal is known to treat and eliminate skin diseases such as scabies, ringworm, athlete's foot and tinea versicolor. As a way of processing and use are:
  • Take ginger to taste
  • Peel the skin and then rub it on the affected skin ringworm
  • You can also grate then moisten it to the existing ringworm 
2 Use of betel leaf
Leaf siri also capable and have driven the ringworm disease, as for how to use almost the same as before, namely galangal:
  • Take a leaf siri taste
  • Betel leaf puree was
  • Apply on affected area ringworm
  • Do it until the ringworm and itching disappeared completely
3 Using Garlic
Frankly I just found out that garlic is able to eliminate ringworm, but after my many sources engunjungi it can be ascertained that garlic was able to drive with maximum ringworm. Why garlic is able to pulverize ringworm? Answer because garlic contains sulfur compounds which are having little in common on the sulfur. How to use is:
  • Prepare the garlic cloves to taste
  • Then mashed until smooth
  • Apply evenly on affected parts ringworm
  • Let stand for half an hour or more
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Perform routine 2 times a day until kurapnya disappeared
4 Use Sulfur
Who is not familiar with the sulfur, sulfur had always been known as a material that is able to repel all forms of the disease with symptoms of itching. To use it you simply do:
  • Buy liquid sulfur at a drugstore
  • Apply the liquid to the ringworm area
  • Let stand until dry
  • Then rinse with clean water
  • Perform regular

Prior to treatment, first try to clean the affected skin with warm water ringworm.

Thus information on How to Overcome Disease Ringworm Naturally, choose one of the tips are simple and natural steps you do to anticipate even drive away ringworm disease that attacks you. Hopefully useful and thank you.

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