Natural Ways to Treat Diseases Cataracts

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Cataract is a disease characterized by the presence of fog lens on the eye, the normal lens of the human eye is marked with transparent colors and contains a lot of water, thus the system can be penetrated well. However, in patients with cataracts, the lens on the eye will look cloudy and causes light entering the eye is difficult to penetrate until it becomes opaque and obscure the view.

Treatment or cure the common people if you have a cataract is operated on, but according to many of the assumptions that the adverse effects that occurred after the operation was significantly blur vision. This means that the process of cataract surgery is not permanent and temporary, because the lenses are replaced of course not as good as the original eyepiece. Therefore, you should take steps to treat eye cataracts naturally, the following explanation:

Natural Ways to Treat Diseases Cataracts
The eyes are the human senses function to see various objects. However, what happens if the eye sight impaired function due to several factors such as cataract disease.

1 Carrot Juice 
Consumption of carrot juice on a regular basis, although it takes a long time but the effect and the healing stages cukuk significant. Therefore, consuming carrot juice should not be done by those who suffer from cataracts, but the eyes were still fixed dianjutkan normal to regularly consume carrot juice.

2 Rimbang 
Rimbang is a fruit very similar direkomondasikan vegetables, fruit because Rimbang very good for the eyes as a nurse and healer various eye diseases including cataracts.

3 Garlic 
Regularly eating garlic helps to treat cataracts. Although it may sound strange, but the content of garlic can help remove mucus-mucus that of the eye.

4. Honey 
Honey includes natural ingredients that are used to cure eye minus including cataracts. You can consume honey regularly or rub the eye area to even shedding.

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