How Fast You Write in Blog

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Writing is a daily meal bloggers, will give birth to the idea for writing the article in the form of reference to draw a variety of things such as visitors, traffic and even income.

An obstacle course, if you as a blogger to be honest, not like Copas and would love Original, because it would require a very struggle of the extras included in the write speed.

Just imagine if you want to update the 10-20 articles per day, of course you have to write with approximately 5-10 minutes per article with character - + 200-500. If it can not do, then you will miss the bloggers who are already proficient in typing.
How Fast You Write in Blog
Then how can you write so quickly?
The only way is by habituation. because it is based on my personal experience that I experienced today. Instead arrogant !, yes I can type on a computer / laptop without seeing the letters are too long, even when a friend read a text, I've been able to keep up.

How it could happen, and if I ever learn special?
Not. It could happen because of my habit of constantly writing during active as a blogger. Speed ​​in writing that I experienced today is a natural result because it used to.

Letter from the buttons on the laptop that I use almost on the whole I can memorize the location and place, then from that I can type quickly.

Then why I can not update the article a lot?
This is very basic question when you read the information associated with my speed in writing, and the reason was due to:
  • Time is not much
  • activity solid
  • lazy
  • Running out of ideas
  • First reading of new writing (this is necessary, such as health articles are not experts)
  • Concentration fade / out of focus
  • Re-read the writings
If I write to be read, then I can try 400-600 characters within approximately 1 to 2 minutes, but if it was born out of my mind, it will take 3-5 minutes, and if I had to examine and read first, it will take 7-10 minutes.

Exposure above not show pride, arrogance and notice that I'm great in writing, because even your own people better than me, but this description as motivation if you can do it. It can happen if you have become accustomed.

Thus the information related to How Fast You Write in Blog, may be useful and be an inspiration to you all. thank you!

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