Many or One Blog Blog | Which is Best heck?

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Blogger would not be separated with a blog, sometimes only one blog run, even to the extent of hundreds of well-managed blog. However, the point of the question is whether the blog run into a blog that has been successful, success and high income. 

Certainly a difficult choice and high challenge when you decide to have a lot of blogs, because their management will be associated with the time, energy, ways, very different strategies to manage one, two or three blogs alone.

However, not a few of the bloggers who decided to make a lot of blogs, the ultimate goal is to earn income and success. In addition, the SEO webmasters are also much we know manage many blogs, they are doing it solely to boost traffic a few blogs, and this blog are familiar with the Dummy.
Many or One Blog Blog | Which is Best heck?
Your choice: Many Blog
The only problem that we will face if you have a lot of blogs are in terms of management, and of course the problem should be resolved properly, the problems associated with answering a few questions below:

1 Ready your time and energy to manage many blogs?
2 Can article blogs that you manage quality?
3 For what you've got lots of blogs ??
4 How do you order the blogs that you manage providing maximum results?
5. step what you should do in managing your blog a lot?

Your choice: The three Blog
Well, there is also a focus for managing one, two and maximum of three blogs only. It aims to facilitate the managers in order to maximize both in terms of time, effort, and strategy.

Having a blog that not many would be more effective in managing it, because we will not bother to take care of.

But lack a little blog that is if you manage a blog that has not been successful, not successful and yet even in defeat rival high income, because the article is not so much, Copas and others.

However, managing a blog is a little bit even just had a blog it would be easier for us to focus and concentration, and it is certainly going to generate a variety of ideas for a variety of titles that will determine you publish.

Then where the hell I choice?
Related to the above questions, then I will summarize a few things that you can make a reference, so that you can later decide which of your choice, whether or One Blog Many blog.

A. Many Blogs
  • It takes time, effort, ideas, strategies sanagt meksimal
  • The challenge is more severe than with a little blog
  • Diverse ideas and blogs theme is to be determined
  • Time share, update and others requiring maximum time
  • Faster famous
  • Can be used as supporting main blog (blog dummy)
  • Income can be much because a lot of blogs (if managed correctly)

B. One Blog
  • more focus
  • easy to manage
  • leisure time
  • Power is not so diporsir
  • The idea of ​​maximum
  • Relatively low income (if the blog is not famous and little traffic)
  • The theme is not much
  • Article obliged many and varied
Actually many advantages and disadvantages of having a blog or many blogs, but it all depends on your decision.

Thus information about the Many or One Blog Blog | Which is Best ?, hell hope that I convey this exposure can you understand, and apologize if this form of writing and delivery that I lay out is not pleasing to you. thank you!

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