Why are you Running out of ideas on Blog Writing Adsense?

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The idea is the initial capital in writing articles on the blog. Especially if you are a blogger adsense publisher, then we must be sensitive and good at capturing whisper what is in our heads. All of it is the idea that we can write, and a bit of an idea can be dozens of articles as it will continue to branch off after we write.

If we look at, in fact the idea that we have a lot more than the ability of our fingers to write the article. Our brains can print dozens of ideas in just a few seconds, whereas ours requires tens of minutes or hours to print the article. Well, from here we have to understand the fact that our brain is actually rich in ideas, but why do we often feel out of ideas to write an article on the blog. The cause you to feel out of ideas:
Why are you Running out of ideas on Blog Writing Adsense?
1 Because we are too particular idea of ​​what we want to write
2 Because we are not sensitive to what is said by our brains
3 Because we are too late to write the first idea, so it will be buried by the idea of ​​a second and subsequent

Usually the reason we is not got the time or do not have time to write when there is an idea flashed in his head, so forget the next day. Well, this reason does not apply to me.

(I) We do not keep the idea at the time was on his way to be written later or tomorrow at home. Should throw away that way. The idea should not be stored in the head, but the release so that we do not save anything. Yet later he will appear himself in front of the computer when it is time she entered the blog.

By the time you are at the computer, listen to what is said by our brains, then write in your blog. Then maybe you will write the stories of the past, yesterday, today, and others, including the idea never crossed when you're on the way yesterday.

At the time of the brain talk, then write in the blog. And the brain will continue to talk as long as we still do not sleep aka literacy. If you can practice this way for a week, then it is definitely the article you will be much faster.

Does anyone read my writing in the future?

A lot! You do not think about whether there are people who will read your writing or not. Actually post certainly no one read anything as long as it has been published on the internet. You will know the results if you have old posts a month since you publish.


In the play adsense via blogs, multiply article are promiscuous if we want a quick payday. Therefore do not write articles that are too difficult, but it is easy to write the article and now there are in our heads. Do not look for articles that do not exist in our heads.

Rough language is "write without thinking". So if you've used your writing will be easy to read even without thinking. Because we are actually writing purely out of our minds and not without thinking.

No traffic, no money, important updates and updates. Do not think the traffic and pay, because they will come by itself without our command.

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