4 Houses For Medicinal Plants Natural

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our homeland Indonesia is a country which produces plants with which serves as a natural ingredient to prevent and treat various diseases. Planting medicinal plants is the right thing to do as an initial action for treatment. Home page could you make as a refreshing eye amusement park, but it does not hurt if your home page planted some medicinal plants that are useful to you.

There are 300 plants that have become standardized functioning and able to treat / prevent various diseases. These plants can bring substantial benefits to those who consume them ranging from disease prevention to recovery phases. Not only mild disease that often we experience such as cough, mild flu, colds and indigestion, severe disease can also be cured with plants with this, because that is necessary first step for us at least try to grow a few plants that can help you to treat mild or severe disease. What are these plants ?, will be explained below:


1. Plant Leaves Meniran
Leaves famous meniran effectively help improve immune function. Meniran leaves this time is used as a natural material and used as herbal medicine packaging form. The main role dun Meniran is keeping one's immune system and is also able to cope with arthritis, hepatitis, dysentery, difficult urination, and kidney stones.

2. Plant Leaves Mint
Mint leaves also provide many health benefits for the body, which are able to cope with nausea, indigestion, nasal congestion, and the smell of bad breath. In addition, mint leaves can also serve as a guard skin health and is often used to treat acne to insect bites.

3. Ginger Plants
Ginger is a plant long known efficacy to prevent and treat some diseases, it is because ginger is known to have security. Ginger serves as nausea drugs, overcome indigestion, and keep warm. The use of ginger as a natural remedy can be enjoyed as an aperitif with everyday, you can also add ginger drink with palm sugar or honey to taste bitterness is reduced. So that the maximum benefit and usefulness, do not use ginger too much, it can cause the body to become hot, then the use of ginger in the levels and amounts of vegetables.

4. Plant Leaves Guava
Guava leaves serve as foreign drugs that can be utilized as a cure acne and burns. How to use it can do by chewing directly or combined with a mixture of salt and honey. Other benefits of cashew leaf is able to treat diarrhea.

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