6 Rarest Wild Cats in the World

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The types of cats are extremely diverse. Starting from a domestic cat to the type of big cats such as tigers and large lion. Several types of cats are known to have very little population that belong to the rare animals. Here are 6 Rarest Wild Cats in the World.

1. The White Lion
For centuries, spreading rumors about white lions from South Africa throughout the world. It was not until 1975 that actual sightings confirmed the existence of this mysterious cat . Two white lion cubs were brought in Timbavati Game Reserve next to Kruger National Park. Even if they are provided with the best living conditions, the white lion mortality rate is quite high. They have difficulty in catching their prey and they are very vulnerable to attack white hyena. Color explained by a rare color mutation, which is recessive gene known as chinchilla or color inhibitor, perpetuated by many zoos in the world. The population of white lions are not known but the latest calculations are in 2004, showed that 300 were still alive at that time.

2. The Maltese Tiger
Blue tigers are mostly from Fujian Province in China, the tiger has a sign with a blue feather with Maltese black. tiger line as a subspecies of tiger endangered South China tiger cubs blue born in 1964, at the zoo Oklahoma, but he died in infancy. Well, now we will be able to see again ga ya Tiger with the blue hue

3. The Iberian Lynx
Iberian lynx
Cat in the world's most endangered in terms of type, from a total of 36, standing on the edge of extinction. Despite efforts to save it, only about 100 cats remain, divided between two unrelated breeding population in Andalusia. Lynx will soon follow will be the first of a cat in the world. Extinction is caused by depletion of the rabbit, his favorite prey, with diseases such as myxomatosis and VHD. Rabbits make 75-100% of the diet lynxes', it only takes one cat in days. Iberian Lynx currently holds the record for being the species of the world's most endangered cat, and the most endangered carnivore in Europe.

4. The Golden Tabby Tiger
Tiger white gold and gold coat formed by the color variations that occur very rarely caused by gene resesif. 30 tigers are believed to exist in the world, but many more are carriers of gen.Laporan date or strawberry golden tiger back to the 1900s, in India. The beginner's first gold tigers born in captivity was in 1983 and is derived from the standard colored Bengal tigers.

5. The Amur Leopard
It is the rarest subspecies of leopard, and closely competing for the title of the rarest cat in earth. The tiger Amur leopards are very different from other leopards, have long lengs and hair, which allows them to stay in the area cool. Threatened by habitat destruction, and become very vulnerable to fire because they live in the area florest. Data field surveys estimate that there are fewer than 50 leopards left in the wild and about 200 in captivity, mostly found in zoos in North America and around the Eropa. In April 16 2007 female was shot and killed by hunters, leaving only six females left in the wild.

6. White Tiger India
white tiger
Derived from the East Asia, including China and India, known as the Western White Tiger Guard. Currently, several hundred white tigers are in captivity worldwide with about 100 of them in India, and their numbers have increased. Rare white color makes the zoo and became a popular entertainment venue. One is located at Taman Safari Cisarua Bogor.

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