7 Tips for Eye Health

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The eyes are the five senses are very important to be maintained and cared for, because if eye health impaired, it will make you suffer and complain. The beauty of nature and the environment would you feel if you could see it, but what if your eyes eye disorders such as cataracts, blurred and so forth, of course you will lose money and do not regret it as much as possible keep your eyes well.

Many factors have a significant influence make eye is damaged, such as pollution factors, eye fatigue, radiation monitors, lack of sleep, dust and gradually so on. Therefore you have to be thankful for because your eyes are still functioning well, so keep eyes healthy and functioning properly, you should be maximum guard. Here's an explanation:

7 Tips for Eye Health

1. Check your eye
Perform examination of your eyes if you have a disorder, it is useful to prevent and treat the occurrence of something undesirable.

2. Avoid reading while sleeping
Read while sleeping is good, but you should know that reading while sleeping can cause your eyes to be damaged. To read should read in a sitting position with a minimum distance of 30 cm.

3. Avoid watching with close proximity
If you and your family want to watch TV, play computer or laptop, then try to adjust the distance, it is useful to avoid radiation monitors that can damage the nervous system of your eyes. Keep the distance when dealing with a monitor / LCD as far as 90cm or more.

4. Consumption of fruit and vegetables for the eyes
To keep the eyes in order to stay healthy and functioning properly, then eat every day or at least 2 times a week of fruits and vegetables which contain substances / vitamins are good for the eyes, fruits and vegetables that you can consume, such as carrots, avocado, and other Rimbang so forth.

5. Protect your eyes
Protect your eyes when dealing with air / dust or ultraviolet light, you can use eye protection such as goggles or other.

6. Do not be too tired
When the eye was tired because it was a day of our eyes work (reading, seeing, exposed to dust, in the dub, etc.) it is proper rest our eyes even if only for a moment. Do not force the eyes were too tired because it can caused a head ache and eventually NETters nerves become damaged eye.

7. Wear eye protection
Dust into the eyes of the main factors we often dirty, so as much as possible when we leave the house to go use the goggles aside in order to avoid dust eye, the eye can also be protected from the direct rays of the sun.

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