7 Unique Facts about Cockroaches

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Brownish-black insects, winged, has a characteristic odor, make disgust. Yups! Cockroach! This one animal makes a shocker. But if there is a sudden animals seen passing in bathroom, bedroom, living room and so are sometimes used as an indication that the person who was in the room or the house less hygiene. is that right? You alone know the answer. This time I will discuss about 7 Unique Facts about Cockroaches are probably not widely known and the following unique facts about cockroaches:

1. One of the causes of global warming animals 
During these animals are known to contribute to global warming problem is cows and termites. Did you know that cockroaches are also a contributor to global warming? Cockroach on average every 15 minutes will emit methane gas. Even after death even cockroaches can liberate it until 18 hours later. Flatulence cockroach globally is estimated to have accounted for about 20 percent of all methane emissions.

2. If it is too long on his back, cockroaches will die
Cockroaches walkin have the ability to control his muscles. That is why if too long in a state of supine, the cockroach could die.

3. Still can live even without a head 
Other animals will usually die when their heads hurt even apart from the body. But not so with cockroaches because they breathe through a ventilator that of the whole body. In addition it also does not control the cockroach brain respiratory function. To note cockroaches can survive despite having no head even up to 9 days.

4. Cockroaches one of the causes of asthma 
Cockroach is said to be one of the causes of asthma. This is due to cockroach allergen in the form of dirt and debris that become dust cockroach carcasses and can be included in the bronchial tubes and then cause asthma. So make sure diligently cleaning the room and the inside of the house of dust and dead cockroaches.

5. It has a very fast growth cycle 
Cockroach females capable of producing six to eight eggs for six months of his life. His ability is able to make at least 180 to 320 new cockroaches. Imagine that! of the many cockroaches resulting into fertile female cockroach then how many more cockroaches are able to produce in a few months.

6. Running cockroach very quickly
Have preoccupied with chasing cockroaches? Maybe a lot of people who experience it. Naturally, because cockroaches touted as a fast runner. Type of cockroach that sprinting is the American cockroach that can run 2 miles per hour whereas the relatively small size of the cockroach.

7. Cockroaches like to settle in damp and dirty 
Cockroaches usually like places that tend to be damp, low-light, and dirty. Commonly found in bathrooms, rooms were rarely cleaned, sheds, roofs, under cabinets and so on. That is why the cockroach touted as animal disease agents.

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