Benefits of Carrots for Health

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Benefits of Carrots for Health~Carrots are plant species that became secondary and primary needs. In the course of life becomes an important role as a food carrots, vegetables and for health. Eating carrots to make it as a food additive, juice or other favorite is the right way you do to prevent a variety of diseases that could have attacked you. This is because the carrot is one of the natural ingredients that can eliminate diseases in the body.

The contents in carrots has a great function for health, such as for example potassium content which serves to prevent and treat high blood pressure which could have attacked you. On this occasion I will try to explain what content-content of carrots for health that you can know.


1. Mineral Content in the form of potassium
Carrots have mineral content in the form of potassium, a mineral content of this serves to maintain water balance in the body and helps lower blood pressure and help neutralize the acid in the blood

2. The content of beta-carotene
Carrots have large amounts of beta carotene on average-average 12,000 IU, a high content of beta carotene can prevent cancer. Prevention is due to the antioxidant properties that can fight the destructive work of cancer cells, in addition to the content of carotenoids is also believed to improve the body's digestive system.

3. Vitamin A
content of vitamin A in carrots helps the heart work eliminate toxins in the body. In addition, carrots can also reduce the risk of lung cancer just by eating carrots regularly.

Actually many more Benefits of Carrots for Health, knowing the content of the above three would be a motivation for us to make the carrot as a staple food daily either as a mixture of dishes or as a favorite juice drink. Thank you!

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