Benefits of Orchid

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Orchids or orchidaceace is one of flowering plants. These plants usually live in areas tropics. Of the many flowering plants, orchids have the most kind. This flower is also famous for the beauty of diverse colors. Not only has a beautiful color and variety, the benefits of orchids pretty much all of our lives, and the usefulness of orchids in Indonesia over the flower decoration.

The beauty of orchids owned by truly captivating, like frangipani flower, flowers Turi, rosella flowers, flower ylang, jasmine, hibiscus, roses and flowers papaya which has an assortment of beautiful colors currently in view. Many of the nutrients found in the orchid flower that is able to meet the nutritional intake in the body. As quoted from, here we present some orchids to the health benefits that can be your reference in alternative herbal medicine.


1. Ornamental plants
The beauty of orchids popular color. Therefore, many people who take advantage of this interest as one of the beautiful ornamental plant at home. The orchid has many types that are not limited. In Indonesia, the flowers are usually sold as angrrek placed in pots or sold as cut flowers. Indonesian state famous for its existing types of orchids. The orchid empifit example. The orchid is highly prevalent type of jungle-forest in Sumatra and Papua. Other types of orchids are also well-known that orchids month. This one type of orchid flower charm is also a symbol of the State of Indonesia. In addition to the State of Indonesia, orchids are also set to be the national interest for other countries such as Singapore and Thailand.

2. To fragrances
Many people who often use orchid flower as a symbol of love or luxury, and a wonderful sense of perceived centuries. Meanwhile the Greeks regarded as a symbol of an orchid flower kejantan. As with the Chinese nation. In ancient times, Chinese people believe that orchids are flowering plants that can emit a fragrant aroma. Fragrant aroma is believed by the Chinese nation at that time as fragrant body out of the Chinese emperor. Not only the Chinese people who believe in the fragrance of orchids. People at a certain period also cultivate orchids is used as ingredients that which is believed to be the ingredients of love. Not only that, if someone is sleeping and in his dreams appear orchids, people mempercainya as a symbol of the need for a deep tenderness, romance symbol and symbol of a full hungan faithfulness.

3. Plants or herbal remedies
In the past, orchids are also categorized into types of plants that play an important role in the development of disease treatment techniques with plant material. Orchid flower itself has been widely used in treating various diseases. Since the year 2800 BC, the physician of china has been using this type of interest as a drug. Of the many types of orchids, types gastrodia elata are classified into types of orchids of the family gastrodia is a type of orchid that was first used by physicians china. This type of treatment using orchids by the physicians china is known as bencaojing shennon treatment.

4. As foodstuffs
Tribal members orchid, vanilla which has the Latin name of vanilla planifolia, is one of the tribe of orchids that can be used as a food ingredient. Meat fruit of vanilla is usually used as a flavoring ingredient in cakes. Not only that vanilla can also be used as an ingredient in perfumes or material for aromatherapy. Besides vanilla, other parts of orchids that can be used as a food ingredient that is part of the tuber under terrestrial orchid species Orchis mascula. Usually these parts are used as a spice in cooking mixture. More than two kinds of orchids bagin already mentioned above, other parts such as leaves can also be used as a food ingredient that is used as flavorings or rum drinks on the existing island of Reunion. Other species of types of orchids that can be used as a food ingredient that is saprophytic orchid species is a group of orchids Grastrodia. This orchid species commonly consumed by the native people of the continent of Australia.

Similarly, a few benefits of orchids. In addition to having a beautiful color and fragrant, flowering plants have good benefits for human life. Hopefully the article discussion on the efficacy of this orchid flowers beneficial to us all.

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