Benefits of Watermelon Fruit For Heart Attack

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Benefits of Watermelon Fruit For Heart Attack~Do not be a secret if people obese or overweight have a higher risk of developing several diseases such as heart attacks and hypertension. Hypertension and heart disease is a disease that often claimed the lives of sufferers, but the risk of death and dangerous this can be prevented as early as possible if you are on a health alert level was really awake, one of you can do is to eat watermelon routinely and regularly .

Watermelon is a fruit that is believed to reduce high blood pressure in people who suffer from obesity, and of course their disease could be reduced even completely healed. Generally, the country has four seasons and when winter comes, then it can cause death from heart attack is high enough, it happens as a result of perceived stress level for maintaining the temperature of the body to keep warm, this is what causes blood pressure to rise and the course will make the heart work more leverage and can result in the risk of stroke and heart attack increased rapidly.

Watermelon-Heart Attack

In a study had been given information by the american journal of hypertension researchers argue that if eating watermelon is very effective for heart health which serves to lower the risk of heart by the time winter arrives.

Arturo Figueroa health experts from Florida State University, said that the blood pressure in the aorta and the heart has decreased significantly when patients consume watermelon fruit extract on a regular basis. This opinion must be proven with real research, and the research has involved 13 men and women who have obesity. This research was done by giving each participant watermelon extract every day within a period of 6 weeks, and the results appear is significant reduction in their disease.

When compared with those who consumed the chemical drugs, it is very much different from the results for those who consume watermelon regularly with the decline really satisfying, even the level of stress on the heart also reduced.

Figuera said that the heart is not going to work too maximal if the situation is stable even when the heart is in the winter. So from that eating watermelon is an effective way for us and especially the heart and also obese patients to reduce the level of risk that may lead to death.

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