Biography of Aaron Burr, Jr.

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Full Name      : Aaron Burr, Jr.
Place of Birth : Newark, New Jersey
Date of Birth  : Friday, February 6th, 1756
Zodiac           : Aquarius

Aaron Burr, Jr. is Vice President of the United States under the third President Thomas Jefferson. Aaron was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 6, 1756. Her mother, Esther Edwards is the daughter of Jonathan Edwards, a famous Calvinist theologian.

Aaron also has an aunt named Sarah who later married Tapping Reeve, founder of the Litchfield Law School in Litchfield, Connecticut. In 1957, Aaron's father died. In the following year his mother's turn who died along with the death of his grandfather and aunt. Aaron little orphan then moved to Philadelphia and lived with his uncle, Timothy Edwards.

Aaron Burr, Jr.
At the age of thirteen, Aaron Burr received at the College of New Jersey, Princeton where he was later joined by the American Whig Society and Cliosophic Society. Aaron received his Bachelor of Arts in 1772, but two years later he switched lanes and began to study law with brother-in-law Reeve. Since childhood, Aaron has been considered one of the most brilliant Princeton graduate student in the eighteenth century. Aaron studied theology for a while and then returned to study law.

After the Revolutionary War, he was the practice of law in New York City as a member of New York state, the attorney general of New York, and the United States senator. In the presidential election of 1800, he received a number of votes equal to Thomas Jefferson, but he failed to become president because the parliamentary support of Jefferson to be president while Aaron was appointed as vice president. In 1804, Aaron returned following the general election.

This time he ran for governor of New York. Unfortunately in this election he was defeated by his political rival Alexander Hamilton. Not only defeated by Hamilton, Aaron is also referred to as traitors by Hamilton. This conflict led to their firing duel between Hamilton with Aaron. In this duel, Hamilton was shot in the stomach and died the next day. This duel became the most famous duel in history.

When news of the death of Hamilton spread out to the whole country, the roar of protest flooded Aaron. He was accused of being a murderer, a criminal, despite the fact that all rules are required in the duel has been observed. Aaron decided to leave Washington and went to Europe to seek a better life. In 1807, Aaron finally arrested on charges of treason but eventually he was released. He remained abroad until 1812, when he finally returned to the United States and to the practice of law in New York City. There he spent the rest of his long life. On September 14, 1836, Aaron died.

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