Biography of Aaron Spelling

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Full Name      : Aaron Spelling
Place of Birth : Dallas, Texas
Date of Birth  : Monday, April 23, 1923
Zodiac           : Taurus

- Black Widow (1954)
- Alaska Seas (1954)
- Three Young Texans (1954)
- Vicki (1953)

Aaron Spelling was born in Dallas, Texas on April 22, 1923. His father, David Spelling David was a seamstress Jewish immigrants from Russia and Poland. Since childhood, Spelling always underestimated and got unpleasant treatment from peers because she and her family was Jewish.

The climax was when he was eight years old, Spelling lost use of her legs due to psychosomatically (trauma) caused by bullying by friends at school. During one year, Spelling bias only spend time in bed and read a book. The books that he read that finally stimulate his imagination.

Aaron Spelling
Spelling then go to High School Forest Avenue. He then went on to Southern Methodist University and graduated in 1949. At this university, Spelling majored in journalism, and served as a war correspondent for Stars and Stripes during World War II. He also once wrote a drama, but it was never published. In 1953, Spelling made her film debut with an important role as Vicki's hard to forget. He also briefly appeared in episodes of Dragnet, Gunsmoke, and I Love Lucy.

Spelling married to an actress named Carolyn Jones and after marriage they moved to Hollywood together. Within a few years, he wrote the script and produce the film Wagon Train for Zane Grey Theater. In addition, he also wrote two stories feature films, starring Alan Ladd, A Gun from Timberland is based on the novel L'Amour Louis and original story Spelling work entitled One Foot in Hell. Since then, Spelling continue to write scripts and make a film.

In 1999, Spelling was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most prolific producers produce a television drama. Spelling also won an Emmy twice in his career. Spelling was married to his second wife, Carol Jean Marer in 1968. In December 2005, Spelling experienced sexual harassment allegations made by a former nurse, Charlene Richards. On June 18, 2006, Spelling suffered a stroke and died five days later.

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