Biography of Hu Jintao

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Full Name       : Hu Jintao
Place of Birth  : Taizhou, China
Date of Birth   : Monday, December 21, 1942
Zodiac            : Sagittarius

- General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
- President of the PRC
- Head of the Military Commission of the Communist Party

Hu Jintao
People's Republic of China is one of the few countries with the world's largest communist adherents. As a state run communist principle, not be surprised if the country is known as the bamboo curtain country many birth figures influential communist, one of which is Hu Jintao. People who are leaders and holder of the highest authority in the PRC young age is already struggling in communist politics. Currently Hu Jintao officially served as Secretary General of the Communist Party of China has been achieved since 2002. Hu Jintao is also regarded as a solid figure in holding the principle. That makes it irreplaceable in his position as president of the PRC since 2003, replacing the previous leader Jiang Zemin.

Hu Jintao was born and raised in Taizhou, Jiangsu province in China. Born on December 21, 1942 is derived from a simple family. The father has a tea trading business in Taizhou, while the mother who had been a teacher died when Hu was seven years old. Since then Hu was raised by his aunt. However small Hu Jintao is a smart kid and smart in school, he also followed the activity beyond his studies by learning the art of singing and dance.

Hu Jintao began to plunge into the world of politics when he was 22 years old. At that time, Hu Jintao registered as a student at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Prior to joining the revolutionary movement, Hu first active as a member of the Communist Party. Hu graduated and earned a degree from Tsinghua University in the field of hydraulic engineering in 1956 at the same time his master's degree in 1968. Due to his active involvement in various political institutions, Hu in 1985 was appointed as secretary of the Communist Party in Guizhou province, an area that has the highest number of poor people in China. In 1988, Hu was involved in the case of Tibet, when demonstrations and administration of the many conflicts occur.

Career golden Hu Jintao has begun to be seen when in 1998 he was elected vice president of the PRC, and in 1999 served as vice chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission CMC (Central Military Commission). And a peak at the time of the PRC president who served at the time, Jiang Zemin declared retirement, Hu advanced as the strongest candidate presidential candidate, as the inclusion of the name of Hu as General Secretary of the Communist Party. Hu who is currently 69 years old and holds supreme power in this country married to Liu Yongqing, who gave him two children, namely Hu Haifeng and Hu Haiqing.

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