Biography of John O'Shea

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Full Name      : John O'Shea
Profession      : Footballer
Place of Birth : Waterford, Ireland
Date of Birth  : Thursday, April 30th, 1981
Zodiac           : Taurus
Citizen           : Ireland
Career           : Manchester United 1999-2011 and 2011-present Sunderland

John Francis O'Shea is an Irish football player. He never played in giants Manchester United for 11 years. It is very rarely a professional footballer can survive in a club for it. Of course there is something more than perfect if a professional player believed 11 years with the club for the Red Devils as well as John Francis O'Shea.

And indeed O'Shea greater than perfect. Born and raised in the area of Waterford Ireland, O'Shea has begun to learn to kick a ball since very young age. Played in the local teams, Ferrybank AFC and Waterford Bohemians, at the age of 10-15 years, footballer born 1981 decided to join Manchester United football academy.

John O'Shea

Debut with the Red Devil in 1999, O'Shea direct special attention of Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the architects of the field belongs to the genius who ever international football world. With the passing of 190 cm height, not surprisingly thin brain Ferguson put O'Shea in almost all lines of the field, starting from the rear to the front of the forward line.

However, confidence caliber coach Ferguson certainly not cheaply obtained. Acting as a two-tier players at the start of a career at Manchester United, the name John O'Shea still less bright than other Red Devils star field (at the time) as Wes Brown, Gary Neville, and of course Rio Ferdinand. As the events of massive injuries that made famine player in Manchester United, Ferguson was able to take the right decision: change O'Shea from the defender as a starter in the field.

Of course, the belief of it is not wasted this versatile footballer. Answered by appearing very slick, O'Shea name was as closely with Manchester United until the 2011 season ago. Remarkably, O'Shea backs names listed in all the positions that never existed in the field, ranging from the attacker, central midfielder, left and right wing, defender, to the goalie!

Finally, after settle for playing for 11 years with the Red Devils, O'Shea received offers club Sunderland in July 2011 replacing the goalkeeper Van der Sar was injured. Until profiles uploaded, John Frances O'Shea, versatile footballer is still treading the grass field Sunderland team.

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