Biography of Rachel Rose Schneiderman

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Full Name       : Rachel Rose Schneiderman
Place of Birth  : Sawin, Chelm, Russia
Date of Birth   : Sunday, April 6th, 1884
Zodiac            : Aries
Citizen            : Russia
Career            : U.S. labor union leader

Rachel Rose Schneiderman
Rachel Rose Schneiderman is the eldest of four children in a devout Jewish family, with the original name Rachel Schneiderman. He studied at Hebrew School in actual Sawin is a school just for boys, and then continued his education in the public schools in Chelm, Russia.

In 1890, the family migrated to New York Schneiderman. Since his father died in 1892, Schneiderman families living in poverty. His mother worked as a seamstress to support Rachel and her younger sister. But it turns out her efforts are not enough to support the family Schneiderman. Due to the poor financial condition, children Schneiderman often entrusted to the orphanage for the people Yahudi. Ironic, this condition also affects education Rachel and forcing Rachel to quit school in the sixth year.

After dropping out of school, she began working as a cashier at a department store. In 1898, she became a seamstress in a hat factory on the Lower East Side, then Rachel and his family moved to Montreal. From here in 1902, Rachel began to show interest to plunge in the world of radical politics and trade unions in montreal.

In 1903, Rachel and her colleagues began to fight for the women to work in union cloth and hat manufacturers in New York. Rachel increasingly prominent and union recognition in New York in 1905, where Rachel chosen as secretary and began his career in politics formally.

In his career Rachel fight for the rights of women workers, especially in the field of garment including the rights of women in the general election. Then after his term ends in 1943, she taught at several schools in naungi by the rich people. Rachel died in 1972 and was known as the most respected women activists in America.

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