Biography of Rickey Henderson

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Full Name       : Rickey Henderson
Religion           : Christian
Place of Birth  : Chicago, Illinois, United States
Date of Birth   : Thursday, December 25th, 1958
Zodiac            : Capricorn
Nationality      : United States
Career           :  Baseball players

- NL Comeback Player of the Year (1999)
- 2 times winner of the World Series (1989 and 1993)
- 10-time All Star (1980-1991)
- AL MVP (1990)
- Silver Slugger Award three times (1981, 1985, and 1990)
- ALCS MVP (1989)
- Golden Glove Award (1981)

Rickey Henderson
Rickey Henley Henderson was born on December 25, 1958. He is a former Major League Baseball baseball left the United States who played for nine teams during his career in 1979 to 2003. During his career he was nicknamed "Man of Steal" for his ability as a lead-off hitter and baserunner who can not surpassed by other baseball players. IA holds the record for stolen bases, runs scored, unintentional walk and lead-off home run most that can be owned by a player. At the end of his career in 2003, ten times champion of the American League (AL) is listed as one of the 100 most collectors home run where he is also listed as the holder of the highest record in the history of baseball in the United States. Above this raihannya then in 2009, his name is recorded into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Henderson also holds the record as a player with a stolen base in a season as many as 130 times in 1982. The record is the only achievement that ever happened in the history of the American League. Throughout his career, he has done as much as 1,406 steals kali.Hasil recorded 50% higher than the previous record held by Lou Brick with nicks 938 times. This record was made Henderson became one of the ten best base stealer in 21 seasons glittering career.

Henderson retired from baseball in 2003 after diving last fight with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although he decided to retirement in 2003, he remained in the spotlight many US baseball club. The reason that made her comeback in an independent league is named the Golden Baseball League with the San Diego Surf Dawg on May 9, 2005.

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