Death Adder, Serpent Australia's Most Deadly

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Death Adder is a snake native to Australia and is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world are found primarily on the east coast of Australia, New Guinea and surrounding islands.

As typical of other venomous snake, death adder has a shiny color, striking, and very beautiful and alluring. But do you ever try to touch it.


This venomous reptile has a very unique way of hunting, they have a habit of burying themselves in the sand or leaf litter, and then silence waiting for their prey to come close. Not aggressive like other snakes are stalking prey, but plays a tail twitch for fishing came closer, he grabbed the quick pecks on and off.

The snake venom contains a neurotoxin that is extremely toxic, and they are able to provide the fastest attack among all venomous snakes in the world. If you see something shiny and gentle on the sands of Australia, then avoid the desire to touch, maybe it's tail Death Adders.

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