Fresh Carrot Juice to Lower Blood Pressure

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Fresh Carrot Juice to Lower Blood Pressure~Hypertension is a type of disease that is characterized by a disturbance in the circulation, high blood pressure or exceeds the capacity of a normal blood pressure. How to know your high blood levels would need an accurate examination, the examination would require medical measuring devices are characterized by two numbers, each of which shows the high and low levels.

High figures will show signs of contraction (systolic) and lower figures show moderate heart relaxes (diastolic) with the provisions of the figures that have become definite size.

Carrot-Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure is generally marked with the number 120/80 mmHg down while high blood pressure occurs when the figure rose to 140/90 mmHg and above. Clear evidence of the provisions of whether there is an increase or decrease in blood can be ascertained after a check for 3 times in a few weeks with different conditions.

Different conditions in the body will certainly have a significant impact to know the outcome is uncertain whether there is an increase or decrease in blood pressure.

For those of you who wish to treat and prevent hypertension naturally or organically, then you can do so by eating carrots routinely and regularly.

Carrots have mineral content in the form of potassium, a mineral content of this serves to maintain water balance in the body and helps lower blood pressure and help neutralize the acid in the blood. How to use and the use of carrots are:
  • Take 500 grams of carrots and then to wash out
  • Cut carrots in a medium-size
  • Add a little water and then puree in a blender
  • Filter carrots then drink, do this routine 3 times a day

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