Ghosts Battleship USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor

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Some mystical events reported haunting warships belonging to the United States military. After Ghost Crew USS North Carolina War, no more warships also haunted, this time it was the ghosts keeper shipwrecks USS Arizona at Pearl harbor. Pearl harbor be haunted since the Japanese began to invite Americans to join the "play" in the second world war.

On 7 December 1941 the morning (7:53 pm local time), a Japanese fighter aircraft fleet led by warlord Admiral Nagumo Chuichi in military attack on Pearl Harbor the United States. A total of 181 Japanese torpedo bombers struck the American military base of a sudden.

As a result, 21 warships belonging to the American Pacific fleet sunk in so early. Entire advanced weaponry and US military installations destroyed. A total of 188 American warplanes were destroyed and another 159 damaged. A total of 2,403 American soldiers were killed and 1,178 others were injured in an early hour.

Ghosts-Pearl Harbor

The waters of Pearl Harbor made a wreck of mass graves and large vessels at the base of a long sleep. Including one battleship USS Arizona is famous most formidable forced to dive into the water forever.

Two decades later the giant floating memorial built over the wreck of the USS Arizona in Pearl harbor waters. Since then many visitors witnessed the strange phenomenon that seems like they are the spirits of dead soldiers are still struggling with devastating attacks jibakutai army of cherry country.

Some visitors have reported seeing eerie phenomena ranging from the odd appearance to giant fireball floating in the water accompanied by the sound of bombs. In fact, many visitors who witnessed a group of ghost soldiers running with the burning body endured that never seem to end.

And even more frightening is when the USS Arizona sank remove the remnants of the gas bubbles that sometimes form images of human faces are daunting.

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