Green-Eyed Ghost

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Battle of Chickamauga was the most brutal civil wars in the history of the United States to dominate the region Chattanoga in Tennessee. This devastating bloodshed that occurred in Chikamuaga the battlefield, where thousands of soldiers died on the battlefield.

Now in the place made a simple national park to commemorate the bloody tragedy. Aside from being a silent witness to history, this park is now also save a million mystical and is known as one of the most behantu in America. It turns out the remnants of the bloody tragedy are still displayed by the mystical phenomena that occur at this site.

Green-Eyed Ghost

Local legend says, the area is often covered by a thick fog which mysteriously disappeared when visitors leave this place. At night there are lights sometimes accompanied by frightening ghost is moving. In fact, the sound of cheering soldiers during the battle of the past accompanied by the screams of death is often heard at night.

But there is one of the most famous ghost in the region and is considered the most frightening, the "old green eyes" or the horrible mysterious figure with dark green eyes. He came to the area looking for the site with the intention of the killer himself.

Some people say that these are human beings in the form half beast. But there are others who say that the creature is the ghost of two soldiers twin brothers who tortured and killed at the time of the famous battle Chikamuaga most brutal in America.

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