Grey Lady Ghost

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Unseen world has become very popular lately, popular tablets? Yes because it was almost most of the inhabitants of this earth to enjoy the world of supernatural although they fear. Supernatural creatures now also increasingly exist themselves. such as the latest mystery on October 8, 2014 reveals a ghost sighting photo woman caught Dean and Amy camera while on vacation in Dudly Castle UK. The apparition was suspected of being a ghost Grey Lady, former Dutch colonial while still there is a family who has a daughter.

Grey Lady Ghost

One time this girl died, soon after his mother died. The mother's desire to be buried near the grave of her son did not materialize so he often reveals itself in the door Dudly Castle England where her son is buried. The female ghost called the Grey Lady. Due to frequent appearances in the UK this Casle Dudly make the place rarely visited by people. But for those adventurers mystery of this place they made sights for them to find the latest news mystery.

Grey Lady Ghost

The same story happened in Japan ghosts exist it back show up on a movie Yami e No Shikaku. The scene at the time when the two women were chatting mirror, nobody noticed at first, but when shown a lot of viewers who saw the appearance of the face in the mirror both starring in films such Yami e No. shikaku, ghosts nowadays so much reveal themselves in the camera. But the purpose they reveal themselves as it does no one knows whether it's just melewat alone, or any other purpose that is implied.

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