How to Get Red Lips Without Lipstick

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Red lip color is the desire of everyone, both men, especially women. However, the urgency of the red lip is a dream of the women compared to men, however we need to know that having red lips will certainly add to the appeal as well as your appearance today.

For women, beauty is not only seen on the face and a fantastic body shape, red lips chapped became extraordinary appeal and make the woman look more beautiful. In order to remain with her beauty, it is not uncommon to see many women use lipstick to redden lips. Have natural red lips would be the desire of every person, then the following will be How to Get Red Lips Without Lipstick.

Get Red Lips-Lipstick

1. Honey
Honey can you use to redden your lips, the way simply by applying honey on the lips until evenly distributed. Do it every day when bedtime and after you wake up the next morning, then rinse your mouth with water.

2. Toothpaste
Using toothpaste also natural ways you can do to redden the lips without lipstick, way too similar to the first point above, you simply take the toothpaste and apply it to your lips every going to sleep. Once you wake up the next morning, wipe toothpaste dries with clean water. Do this regularly until the signs of redness on your lips.

3. Lime
Lime also has a high position in the field of health, including redden the lips, lemon task will eliminate the natural red color faded lips because famtor-specific factors. As for how to use them are:
  • Take 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons warm water
  • Squeeze lime and take approximately 2 tablespoons water
  • Stir in lime juice with warm water before
  • Apply on your lips
  • Let stand for 15 minutes
  • Then, rinse with clean water
  • Do it regularly 3 times per day
4. How to redden lips with water
The third way is the most simple and safe pling, because without intending to make the lips look naturally red too, we are sure to drink water. The purpose multiply drinking water is to keep your lips are not chapped and will be healthier.

5. Butter
Butter? Hmm maybe you who have not read the article could benefit butter Butter confused whether we redden lips? But apparently butter have properties to make your lips natural red. The way is: apply a small amount of butter evenly on your lips, do it before going to bed way too.

6. Olive Oil
  • Prepare olive oil, prepared also a little white sugar
  • Mix both ingredients until evenly
  • Apply the mixture before you kebibir
  • Gently rub your lips
  • And rinse with clean water
  • Do this 2 times seari morning and afternoon so that you will know the effect is good.
7. Peanut oil Almond
The content of vitamin E found in almond oil makes this oil can you make as a natural alternative to redden lips, almond oil is beneficial to provide kelemapan on your lips

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