How to Heal a Bitten Tongue

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When eating, speaking or silent sometimes someone may inadvertently bitten tongue. It certainly can make people uncomfortable and sick, and what things you should do? A bitten tongue takes time to heal, but the condition is sometimes painful and often turn into wounds or sores that make someone uncomfortable to eat or talk.

Physical trauma such as a bitten tongue is one of the causes of canker sores. This is because thrush is a form of mucosal lesions or ulcers, ulcers can last through inflammation or secondary infection. Generally sprue easier occur if durability oral mucosa is declining, then trauma or physical form that occurs in the mouth faster trigger canker sores.


For that to a bitten tongue does not turn into a sprue and a speedy recovery, then there are some things you should do when a person is bitten his tongue, as quoted from Boldsky:

1. Bitten tongue is not a serious matter and can be cured easily. This is because the content in saliva can help cure the bite.

2. When the tongue bitten, immediately put ice cubes on the tongue to reduce pain and also to stop the bleeding.

3. Rinse your mouth with salt water for a few seconds, because the salt water can be an effective home remedy to cure and has a substance against bacteria and prevent infection.

4. If you have honey, then apply 1 tablespoon of honey at least 2 times a day, sweet honey can effectively cure a bitten tongue.

5. Consuming water, preferably using cold water for a calming effect and can simultaneously compress.

6. Try to avoid spicy foods because it can increase the inflammation that slows the healing process.

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