How to Make Makeup Last Longer on Oily Skin

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Having oily skin is a problem in itself. Where typically the skin pores tend to be wide, easily visible shiny face, the face look older than their actual age, blackheads very easily appear and so on. One of the problems experienced by owners of oily skin is a very easy makeup fade or wear off.

It certainly makes irritated and feel less confident when appearing in public. Well, here are some Tips to Make Long-Lasting Makeup for Oily Skin can be tried and the problem of makeup smearing will not occur, among others:

Makeup-Oily Skin

1. Clean face with True 
The initial step before to make up for any skin type, including oily certainly clean your face properly beforehand. Adjust cleanser used with facial cleanser for oily skin. Finish by using a toner to close the pores and help absorb excess oil but do not make the occurrence of exfoliation.

2. Apply a moisturizer as Cloudy 
After the face is really clean immediately dab oil-free. Moisturizers with water-based materials are the most appropriate choice. The face was not only moist but also longer lasting makeup. In addition, the use of water-based moisturizer will not increase the oil content in the face. So be sure to choose a moisturizer that is water based.

3. Applying Foundation 
Just as when applying a moisturizer then use any foundation should be oil free. Sometimes to get the best results, the foundation can be mixed with a moisturizer. With the help of fingertips immediately apply on the face evenly. It could also be replaced with a proper sunblok. Especially if it will do outdoor activities and be exposed to sunlight. There are several brands of certain sunblok could well be used as a substitute for foundation.

4. Using Loose Powder 
Once the foundation is used, after 5 to 10 minutes you can use the powder. The use of powder that should be appropriate so that a more uniform skin tone. Should note the use of the powder, especially in the area of the forehead, nose and chin area commonly referred to as T.

In addition to applying these methods, you also need to always carry oil absorbent tissue paper that can be used to help reduce excess oil on the face, but do not ruin the makeup. In fact there are several types of tissue such oils are powder. But should select the most appropriate for you. After all, the current oil absorbent tissue is very easily obtained with a relatively affordable price. Hopefully Tips to Make Long-Lasting Makeup for Oily Skin can make you more confident and look attractive and be able to attract many people.

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