How to Natural Ways to eliminate body odor

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Who wants body odor? Certainly no one wants ya !. Body odor is the odor that comes from bacteria and sweat. Although basically sweat is not the cause of body odor appears, but the presence of sweat to help work the more bacteria in the body.

The presence of sweat glands in the body occurs due to which the apocrine glands which produce accrine and kelenjat clear on accrine (odorless) and apocrine glands (smelling) and appeared in places like armpit hair growth, nose and genitals. The gland will increase the production of bacteria in the period of puberty and bring a bad odor.

However, the smell of bada will reduce a person's confidence, it will certainly lead to the unpleasant aroma and the people around you will avoid or at least they pretend to oneself in order to divert the scent of body odor so quickly swallowed air ^ - ^. So, how do I order when the body sweat does not cause unpleasant odors bada? Here's the explanation about Natural Ways to eliminate body odor.

Natural Ways

1. Bath Irregular
Body odor often arise because of chaotic lifestyle, one of which is rarely bathe. Therefore, if you want to be free of unpleasant body odor, then wash regularly three times a day.

2. Betel leaf decoction
One of the major benefits of betel leaf is able to eliminate unpleasant odors bada. To use this natural material, then follow the description below.
  • Take at least 30 pieces of betel leaf
  • Mix with water
  • Cook until completely boiling
  • After that, mixed with cold water to warm and wash with boiling water before the routine
3. Lime, betel leaves and Whiting
You also can eliminate unpleasant body odor using lime, as for how:
  • Take one lemon and cut it into two parts
  • Squeeze the water and lemon juice was mixed with betel leaves and betel
  • Apply on body parts prone to emit odors

4. Cloves
Cloves are also believed to eliminate odor, fairly simple way. Your job is simply:
  • Take a clove bud fruit
  • Soak with water until the cloves swell
  • Drinking water and add a little sugar to make it more delicious taste
  • Or apply clove marinade was on the body prone to body odor

5. Ginger
Use ginger as a natural herbal remedy to overcome the smell of your body, the way just by consuming cooked ginger water regularly, in addition, you can also rub the grated ginger in the armpit or the place that gave rise to odor.

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