How To Overcome The smell of feet

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Reality foot odor is ever experienced any person, foot odor occurs due to certain factors such as the use of shoes, sweat in the foot area that mixes with bacteria, wear socks and shoes are moist and other factors. Of course you do not want your feet smell is not, therefore please follow the tips which I will explain related to How To Overcome The smell of feet.

The smell of feet

1. Shoes and socks are clean
Wear shoes and socks are clean, dry and fragrant. Routine was the one you wash socks and shoes, it serves to prevent bacteria lodged in socks and shoes. Also, avoid the use of socks and shoes were wet and humid, in addition to your feet smell, the heel of the foot can also be cracked due to the effect of moisture on the shirts and shoes that you use.

2. Soap cleaning
Always the one to clean your feet with soap if you are already smelly feet.

3. Orange Lemon
Soak your feet for 15-25 with a feeling of lemon water on a regular basis as much as 2-3 times a day. This is also a very effective way to permanently eliminate foot odor that always arise when sweaty feet.

4. Cut the nails regularly
Dirt always survive when elongated toe nails, and if this continues, it will result in odor due to impurities nails mixed with bacteria that arise due to sweat.

5. Using Deodorant
It can be used to reduce the production of excessive sweating armpits section, it is also a powerful deodorant for removing bacteria that cause foot odor. So, if your feet smell, you could try using a deodorant as a solution.

6. Overcome smelly feet with coffee
As I said before, the coffee is quite powerful in removing smelly feet, how? you can put into a plastic coffee powder silica, remedy then you keep the bottom of your shoes.

7. Eliminate foot odor with tea
In addition to coffee you can also use the tea as a deodorizing foot, How? do almost the same as using lemon. We just need to soak the feet in tea water for several minutes.

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