How to Prevent Teeth Shake

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How to Prevent Teeth Shake~Besides cavities, one dental problems also often encounter is rocking gear. These problems include reasonable if small children who experience it.

Therefore, their milk teeth are replaced with incisors that grow over time. However, if the adults who experience it, could have their teeth loose and there is no successor.

Rocking the tooth due to several factors, such as tartar, selection and use a toothbrush that is not appropriate, fractures (broken) on the teeth, caries or cavities are very large. However, the main cause of tooth shake is the selection and use of toothbrush is wrong. There are also ways to prevent, among others:

  • Choosing a toothbrush and gently brush your teeth.
  • Clean tartar regularly to the dentist.
  • Teeth that have been damaged already untenable so you should immediately
  • repaired or extracted.
  • Teeth that need to be patched should be patched in order to prevent further damage.
In addition, if the tartar left and not cleaned, network or alveolar bone supporting the teeth and gums that cover the alveolar bone can be damaged. Well, if the resistance decreased alveolar bone, the teeth become loose and damage will be more severe.

And, the sign of tartar that never cleaned is an infection or damage to tissues supporting the teeth, gums that bleed easily. Bleeding will intensify can also exacerbated because brushing the wrong so that the trauma experienced heavier gear.

Therefore, you should be able to control the health of your teeth regularly to prevent dental problems that will make your teeth become damaged.

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