How to Remove a Keloid

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Keloids are solid lumps in the skin of brownish or reddish which is the excessive growth of fibrous tissue after wound healing. Injuries that occur on the skin as a result of acne, cuts, scratches or burns ringgan, keloid will become even wider over the limit injuries when the scars are getting excessive amount of collagen.

In general, this keloid does not cause pain just that sometimes can cause itching, even though so many people who do not like to have a keloid is therefore a lot of people who do not hesitate to perform surgery to laser treatment to remove keloids just this. But there is an easier way is by natural means such as the following methods are:


1. First tip Able to use Honey
Honey is a natural humectant, which is to heal and moisturize the skin. This is why honey is highly recommended to treat keloids just by applying a fresh honey on the scar and gently massage to improve blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells, this method has been believed from the first can eliminate keloid well that the natural.

2. For tips that you can use the second Garlic
Garlic can prevent excessive fibroblast proliferation is known as a cause of keloids. This is the reason why garlic is a good home remedy to get rid of scars on the skin. Puree a few cloves of garlic and rub the scar or keloid for 10 minutes then rinse, if this way cause burning or irritation, immediately wash the area with warm water.

3. The third way is to use baking soda
Baking soda can be used to treat keloids effectively, it is baking soda as an abrasive that helps exfoliates and smoothes your skin. You do this by mixing baking soda with a little water to form a paste and apply on the keloid to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process after the rinse with clean water .. Do this by regularly.

4. Lemon juice
Lemon juice contains antioxidants and vitamin C which can be very helpful in the treatment of keloids and various types of wounds. The way is with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to take the juice (water) and apply to the area of skin problems. Let stand for about half an hour, then wash with warm water. Perform this process at least 2 times a day.

5. For our final tips that can we present is to plant Aloe vera
Aloe vera is known to be very good for the skin and can be used in the treatment of keloids as well. Aloe vera helps reduce inflammation, maintain skin moisture, and heal damaged skin.

In addition, aloe vera also helps prevent infection of the skin. To use aloe vera prior to cleaning the scar area thoroughly with warm water and apply fresh aloe vera gel on the scar let stand a few minutes then rinse with clean water. This way you can do 2 times a day. After learning how to remove keloids some naturally like the above methods you also need to understand the new keloid appears to be easier to treat, while long or thick may require a longer time. So the necessary diligence and patience to treat keloids naturally.

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