How Uric Acid Causes Gout

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Have you read Uric Acid (Definition, Symptoms and Causes), well this article is the complete description associated with How Uric Acid Causes Gout. Uric acid is a kind of common disease experienced by many people, unhealthy lifestyle and the level of health care for low to trigger the occurrence of various diseases including uric acid. Therefore, it seems important to know what are the factors that cause uric acid occur and damage the health of the body. The following will be presented on How Uric Acid Causes Gout.

Uric Acid

1. Substance Purin high
The cause of gout is characterized by too high purine content in the body. Purine an organic base compound which serves to prepare nucleic acid (the acid from the cell nucleus). Purine is also classified as the union of an acidic amino acid building blocks of protein. Purine substances contained in every cell of the body and almost every meal there.

2. External Factors
Increased production of uric acid can also occur due to external factors, such factors as a result of data through drugs, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes mellitus.

3. Uric acid crystals
Already crystallized uric acid is the cause and pose a high risk to the sufferer, not only experienced pain, but it could also have a negative impact on renal function was not able to get rid of excess uric acid content.

4. Primary Gout
The primary cause of gout occur due to factors in the body of someone who is not known for sure, sometimes it allegedly came from genetic factors, hormonal imbalance in the body and uric acid processing disorders because of kidney problems.

5. Gout Secondary
The occurrence of secondary gout is caused from food intake into the body, as it has been explained that the intake of foods that are too high in purin is the main cause of this secondary uric acid.

6. In the body
Increased production of uric acid high also be the cause, it can be derived from bone marrow disease, polycythemia, drugs, alcohol, obesity, skin diseases and many others. The cause of uric acid from the body would interfere with the work process associated with uric acid such as kidney, acids and bases as well as other bodies.

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