Immediate Retirement, Angelina Jolie Preparing Buy a New House

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Recently heard a shocking news of the beautiful and very talented actress Angelina Jolie. He expressed his desire to quit his career as a star and start taking the production of the film as a director. So many fans who adores her figure so extraordinary. With the acting skills that are no doubt, wife of Brad Pitt starred repeatedly widescreen hard sell in the market. That's why I wonder if its assets so great riches.

This time, Jolie is rumored to be buying a new house which is located in London. As reported by the Daily Mail, this Maleficent star caught hunting in the new residential area of Marylebone. Jolie is reportedly looking for a home at a price above £ 20 million (about USD 380 billion).

Angelina Jolie

The photo is a luxury house rumored to be owned by 39-year-old woman. Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation of Jolie and Pitt linked their plans.

Currently, a very happy little family have been living together in their dwelling located in the Los Angeles area. Not only that, the couple also has a super luxury residential those at the Chateau Miraval, France.

Until now, Jolie and Pitt were still busy with filming in new film titled BY THE SEA. The film was a reunion of the couple known as Brangelina this after a long compete acting in the film MR. & MRS. SMITH.

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