Lammergeier, Eagles eaters Bone Marrow

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Lammergeier name translated from the German "vulturei lamb" which means it is a vulture sheep. The name is reminiscent of the myths and legends of this eagle animal ferocity in hunting small animals and even children (although the latter may be apocryphal).

A bird is lucky or unlucky depending on your view of the ancient Greek playwright who was also prominent in the death of Aeschylus. One of the animal's favorite food source is the bone marrow, a good meal but it is very difficult to pick it up.


As a way to get the valuable nutrients in the remains of their meal, eagle bone lammergeiers will drop from a height of 260 feet, and hope that the bone fall on the rocks and cracked open the marrow.

A unique and rare way which only the smart birds, and this is a special advantage possessed by the Eagles lammergeiers among other animals in the animal kingdom.

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