Mystery of Giant Holes in Siberia

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A giant hole mysteriously reappeared in Siberia close to one of the largest potassium salt mine in the world. This gaping hole measuring about 30 meters and comes after a nearby mine, Solikamsk-2, flooding. This is not the first time the giant hole appeared in the region. A similar large hole appeared in Yamal or 'end of the world'.

As quoted from, residents claim to have seen missiles and even angels fall near the hole. Thousands of mine employees were asked to avoid the hole because geologists will soon find out why it happened.

A theory suggests that the earthquake that occurred 20 years ago weaken the structure of the bedrock around the mine so that makes it unstable. No one who lives in the nearby town of Solikamsk injured and experts have assured residents that their homes safe. But the unexpected holes that have caused mass panic in the city and many residents reportedly rushed to sell their homes.

giant holes in Siberia
A local resident said, "People do not sleep for three days, waiting for (the appearance of) new holes." Others added, "Fortunately the houses vacated when it happens. The houses nearby where people live only two kilometers."

The future of the mine owned by potash producers in the world's number one was still unclear. The mine is believed to have reserves of about 150 million tonnes of potash, but if the surrounding rock is too unstable, the mine could be lost forever.

The cause of this giant hole said to be different to the one appearing in the more northern areas earlier this year. Typically, Siberia holes occur in areas where permafrost is melting the frozen ground to release gas trapped, causing a gas explosion and cause a giant hole.

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