Nalusa Falaya, Creatures Spreaders Smooth Criminal

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Everywhere there are demons and the people in each region or regions of different call. Nalusa falaya is a demon who likes to spread hatred and crime in the mythology of the Choctaw tribe in North America.

Nalusa falaya tangible human being ugly and wrinkled skin with sinister and frightening appearance, he has a long nose and pointy ears. When you see them, man will pass out without a fight and then this evil demon will thrust "thorn crime" to the victim's body without their knowing it.

Nalusa Falaya

Humans who have been hit by a thorn prick nalusa falaya Satan's evil will always be evil, but he did not realize that was hit by a thorn prick evil of demonic beings, and this is due to the influence of the evil demon magic powers nalusa falaya. Usually the victim will realize after he finished doing his evil deeds.

Local legend also says that evil can reproduce by giving birth of their children. Children are told to have this vicious luminous appearance and likes to appear around the marshes. They like to walk around at night around the "haunted forest" where they live.

Actually demon like this are everywhere, including in your hometown, it's just that they are different names. Not nalusa falaya again, but using the name as their respective regions. They are not visible if it is not time to manifest themselves, and maybe this time is behind you.

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