Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a disease that can cause blindness 2nd largest in the world, and the disease is included in the group of eye diseases that can damage the optics of the eye and lead to blindness. In terms Glaucoma is a disease that increases the fluid pressure in the eye, if it is not immediately ditanganin quickly, then the patient will lose his sight permanently blind alias. If you experience symptoms or signs of the disease, then take swift and appropriate action steps to treat it. Natural Remedies for Glaucoma is:


1. Consumption of Animal Fat Omega 3 Supplements
Omega 3 is a supplement that contains DHA, helps and protects the eye retina function. Omega 3 also serves to prevent macular degeneration which can lead to blindness. You can find Omega 3 in fish is still fresh like fish in ponds, rivers and the sea.

2. Increase Zeaxanthin and Lutein
Lutein is a carotenoid substances that can be found in vegetables hijjau, these substances can act as antioxidants sdan and protect the eyes from free radicals. As examples of foods containing lutein are spinach, broccoli, and so forth. While Zeaxanthin is also one of the substances that can protect the eyes, and examples such as egg yolk.

3. Avoid Excessive Fat Consumption
Fat in the body that is too high also potentially as large contributor to the occurrence of macular degeneration, so as to reduce the pressure in the eye function that if left unchecked can cause nearsightedness and blindness.

4. Minimize Insulin Levels
Someone who has a potentially high insulin levels are high blood pressure. This is evidenced by a study which showed that insulin resistance often occurs in people with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

5. Sports
Sport is an activity that you should do, because sport is a powerful antidote to all kinds of diseases including glaucoma, regular exercise will reduce excessive insulin levels, so that the eye to be healthy and reduce the risk of eye pressure or glaucoma.

Who is affected Disease Prone Glaucoma?
  • Age over 60 years due to eye nerve weakened
  • Chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and Hypothyroidism
  • Heredity (genetic)
  • Or myopic eye injury, eye surgery ever, eye tumors, inflammation of the eye (substantially all of which cause injury prone eye contact with Glaucoma) and other things.

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