Natural Ways to Reduce Menstruation Period Pain

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Menstruation or menstrual blood is flowing out of the "no comment, bla,..bla,..bla" with the times common. Usually this takes place in a menstrual period within 14 days (normal), but it comes and completion of menstruation can also be a delay due to several factors. Reportedly when menstruation comes, then there is no pain or pain that is felt by the woman, therefore to overcome the pain you feel, please read How to  Natural Ways to Reduce Menstruation Period Pain.


1. Turmeric et al (collaboration turmeric, ginger, kencur, tamarind and palm sugar)
Turmeric is a natural substance that can you racip into herbal medicine, because of the time of our ancestors, turmeric is believed to racipan powerful function to overcome the pain when your period comes. You can make racipan turmeric herbs or can be bought at a nearby sales of herbal medicine around you. While how to make herbal turmeric you can do with:
  • Prepare turmeric to taste
  • Prepare ginger and kencur
  • Provide also tamarind and brown sugar to taste
  • Grated turmeric, ginger and kencur earlier and squeeze
  • Take water juice (juice) then boiled until boiling
  • Combine with tamarind and sugar so that the herbal medicine taste better
  • Let / chill moment
  • Then drink this herb regularly
  • For those of you who want to get maximum results, then do the above before your menstrual period comes.
2. Small Gymnastics Routines
The occurrence of menstrual pain when you are due to impure blood circulation is interrupted due to non-current. Do light exercise with little exercise can relieve abnormal blood flow. Perform a variety of small movements with different stimuli in order to facilitate the circulation of the blood, so that you will feel the whisper of the smooth and normal blood and pain that you feel better gradually.

To get good results, you should exercise or moderate exercise you do this before the menstrual period comes. Do small exercises every morning and afternoon on a regular basis, in addition to the pain is gone, the body is always healthy and fresh if this little exercise and gymnastics routine.

3. Maintain Lifestyle
Getting and staying healthy is a dream and the dream of all people, therefore keeping the lifestyle is a benchmark for health labels. If your health is stable, then the pain when it comes months (Menstruation) do not need to worry about, because the blood will flow out will not cause pain due to flow smoothly. Therefore, before and after menses (menstruation), you should maintain a good life is a healthy lifestyle.

4. Food Containing Iron
Consuming foods with iron content serves to help women when having problems during menstruation. For women who have low blood pressure / anemia will be more susceptible to pain during menstruation. If it happens, it can be overcome by eating foods that have iron content. Consuming foods rich in iron content is an effective solution that you can do. The materials that you can consume is spinach, beans, red yams, cassava and other.

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